Not Dead Yet

Well, I’ve been gone, but this blog is not dead yet.  My Cardinals have been doing great recently, the Reds have slowed down, and the Cubs have been stinking up the place.  I’m a happy man right now.

We won the series against the Mets today, and that my friends, is a good sign.  IMO, the Mets are the team to beat in the National League.  So are the Cardinals, the Braves, the Astros.  I haven’t taken the Reds too seriously yet and hopefully the last week is a trend that will continue.  That will bring sanity and order back to the universe.

The Cubs have been so pathetic lately that even I almost feel bad for them.  I can’t even pick a fight with Cubs fans here lately.  They avoid talking about baseball and ignore me if I bring it up.  Several of them aren’t even paying attention anymore.  I can’t imagine the Cardinals doing poorly enough to discourage me from watching, but apparently some Cubs fans have reached that point.  It’s hard to deny a feeling of pity for them.

I know that losing Lee was a horrific blow to that team (I would break down and cry if Pujols was out for 6+ weeks), but that doesn’t change the fact that the Cubs have been skunked consitently of late in all aspects of the game.  And I think the Cubs are in for a rude awakening now that Wood is back.  All year they have been resting their hopes on him (and Prior) to return like the messiah and deliver them to the playoffs.  Prior may likely have a legitimate effect, but Cubbies’ fans are kidding themselves if they expect Wood to factor-in long-term.  He may have some great games, but I will boldly predict this: his time will be short.  And with his sub-par performance today (3HRs for 4ERs over 5 innings, although he did get 6 SO), his win total before another arm explosion has been reduced by one.  I’m not trying to be mean-spirited or beat a dead horse, but his history can’t be denied.  Even with Marquis’ inconsistency and the years he takes off my life because of it, I still think he’s more valuable than Wood over the course of a season (I’ll try to find some numbers).  One that note, Marquis did look pretty decent today and fought off a bad outing last week.  Here’s to hoping he can keep it going.

I’m happy to see Reyes making the start on Sat.  We need to figure out what this guy’s value really is, rather than let him rot in AAA.

This weekend’s series against the Royals should be fun.  Seeing Reggie and Grudz will be a treat.  I tried and tried to talk my fiance into going to Kauffman to see it but she could not be talked into leaving her dogs.  Sigh…

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Carpenter vs Redman (Royals) at Kauffman Stadium, 7:10 PM

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W vs Mets at Busch (series clincher)


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