50: HALFWAY!! W5

Today’s game was boring: No deficits to overcome, no extra innings, no walk-off home-runs.  Just adequate offense (HRs & small ball), great defense (spelled J-I-M-M-Y), and amazing pitching by Carpenter.  But you know what?  That’s fine by me.  I don’t know about you, but after the June we had, I’ll take boring every day of the week.  I don’t care if we never have a nail-biter again; I’d rather see dominance.  And with 50 wins down, 50 wins to go, and only 73 games left, dominance is exactly what we’ll need.

Congratulations to Carpenter on the Cards’ first complete game this season and the Cards’ first shutout since May 17 – when Mulder almost (and probably should have) got the CG, Izzy got the save, and Rolen doubled in Pujols for the game’s only run. 

And in case you didn’t hear, Wood is likely done for the season and Prior will miss yet another start.  Will the Cubs EVER learn?


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