Looking forward to the 2nd half

Well, it’s time for me to make some fearless predictions/observations for the 2ND half:

  1. The Cards will still win the division.  100 games is looking much more difficult given our heIIish June, but is not out of the question quite yet.
  2. The pitching will recover, although, will not be as strong as last year (unless Mulder comes back and absolutely blows the doors off his game).
  3. Reyes will be sent down when Mulder returns and I will blow an aneurysm.
  4. Luna will be hitting .450 and Miles will still start more.
  5. Offensively, we will improve.  Hitting will be adequate for the post-season, assuming Jocketty is able to get anyone decent for the OF.  I haven’t been too impressed with Young Dunc so far.
  6. The Reds will fall off.  I have a feeling this trade will not work out as well as they are hoping.
  7. The Astros will not win the Wild Card and I will dance a jig.
  8. The Brewers will hang in there and finish 2ND in the division.  They will be tough when Sheets and Okha return from the DL.
  9. The Cubs will not make significant moves, will keep both Wood and Prior, will continue to *****, and will pin their hopes on the broke-arm duo again next year.  Baker will not be re-signed.
  10. David Wright will win the MVP because he’s just so da mn cute, and I will vomit.

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