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Who knows how reliable this is, but I just found this article on mlb.com regarding the Cardinals perhaps picking up Jeff Conine from the Orioles to play LF.  All I have to say is… WHAT??  I’ll admit that I don’t know that much about Conine, but from his line of .326 OBP/421 SLG/.258 AVG he doesn’t seem to fit Walt’s criteria for the OF:

  1. The article states that Walt is particularly upset that our LF platoon has only hit 6 HRs so far this season.  Guess how many Conine has so far?  Exactly 1 more, 7.  That’s not really much of an improvement…
  2. He is a worse hitter than all the guys we’ve used in LF with the exception of Skip Schumaker (remember him?) and Larry Bigbie.  Taguchi, J-Rod, Speezio, and Duncan top him in SLG, OBP, and AVG, with only 1 exception: he outslugs Taguchi .421 to .375.
  3. He’s not young, and youth is supposed to be exactly what Walt is looking for.  He just turned 40 last month, making him 6 months older than our last LF that was too old, our friend Reggie Sanders.

And since I brought up Sanders anyway, he is also likely to be available from the Royals.  I’d much rather see Reggie back than see Conine come over.  Their lines are about the same except that Reggie has been on the worse team, has 15 more RBIs, 2 more homers, and a few more stolen bases.  Their AVG/OBP/SLG aren’t much different, but Reggie is a known quantity for us, he loves STL, the fans love him, and he’s always clutch in the post-season.  I’m not saying Reggie is my first choice – he doesn’t have the impact we need – but if I had to choose between him and Conine (or any other non-impact player), I’d much rather have Reggie.

***** UPDATE 7/15/06 00:45*****

Reverend Redbird just posted that the Cards might be close to signing David Delucci.  I really know nothing about him, except what I just read over at the Rev’s, but he could be valuable simply because he is dirt cheap.  As long as this isn’t treated "The Answer," he could be a good patch or utility man.


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  1. eeikner@austin.rr.com

    Maybe Duncan’s weekend will allow Jockety to step back and reevaluate any new signings.

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