About rabidstlfan

I love baseball and I love the St. Louis
Cardinals. I also love my fiancee who just so happens to love
the Cardinals. I know I’ve met the one because when I try to
turn the channel to the Cardinals game, she already has it
on. She calls when we make a big play. She dances when we win
and mopes when we lose. She thinks Cardinals tickets (and
flowers) are the best anniversary present ever. I guess you
could say we have something in common. The only problem is,
Mark Mulder is the real love of her life, but at least I come
in a close second : ) I grew up in Central IL following a
brief stint in STL. I couldn’t help but get swept up in the
ferocious Cards/Cubs smack-talking battles that occur here.
You see, where I live, the Cards and Cubs split the baseball
fans here pretty evenly. So chances are, half of your best
friends are dirty, filthy, evil, ************ Cubs fans and
half of them are classy, good-looking, brilliant, moral, and
friendly Cards fans. This also means that from April until
October, every few weeks when the Cards meet the Cubs on the
field of battle, you will experience either utopian glory or
horrific agony. Sometimes you gloat; sometimes you get kicked
in the face, stomach, and crotch. But it’s always good
baseball, and good baseball is always good. Besides a rabid
Cardinals fan, I’m a 24-year old computer programmer and
graduate student. I have a 2-year old baby, her name is
Lucky, and she is a Boxer/something else mix breed. I come
from a family of 14 in which I am effectively the youngest
(explanation: my 10 year-old half brother doesn’t count
because he didn’t live with the rest of us and therefore
didn’t receive any of the abuse or beatings that our older
sibs always gave so generously to me). It is they who
revealed to me at the tender age of 6 that I was actually a
robot. It was also around this age when I took my first
flight to Mars in an experimental new space shuttle,
manufactured from everyday cardboard. Unfortunately, the
shuttle broke upon landing. My brother was able to repair the
damage, but was killed shortly thereafter by a fleshy-headed
mutant. He sent me home with his dying breaths, so that I
might return news of his honorable demise to our mother. I
think he got beaten for that one… Well, lest I digress
more, I think I will put a stop to this blathering. But, in
closing, remember this: “May the Cardinals be with you, for
theirs is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever
and ever.”


Cardinals baseball!! Being a
computer/math/statistics geek. Playing with my dog. Loving my
fiancee. Watching movies and excercising my uncanny ability
to remember and quote their lines when applicable. Guilty TV
pleasure: Grey’s Anatomy.